Friday, February 26, 2010

Starting to Feel Good

I'm over 13 weeks now, so, officially I'm in the second trimester. It's been easier the last few days. (Knock on Wood!) I haven't felt pukey, and I'm starting to show a little bit, and the baby is moving a lot. At night before I fall asleep, I put my hands on top of my womb and I can feel peanut wiggling around in there. I hope he/she doesn't start to think that night time is wiggle time!

It's good though, I can eat food, and all the junk food I was craving and was the only thing I could somewhat keep down, now sounds disgusting, so we've been eating a lot healthier. This is very good, because the main difference between Midwifery care and OB care is the focus on nutrition and exercise. My Midwife, as they all pretty much do, give you a paper with a lot of blanks on it, and you fill in what you eat for an entire month. This is so they can see what you diet consists of. Mainly to make sure you are getting enough protein (80-100 grams a day) and fluids (at least a gallon of water/tea) and lots and lots of fiber from fruit and veggies. Also, since we are trying to NOT birth a monster size baby, we are aiming to cut out almost all grains and sugars, keeping the occasional whole grain here and there. So this will be good for me too see a break down of what I eat too. When she handed the page to me at our last prenatal, I asked her if I can wait till after the nausea ends, she smiled and said "of course".

So that's my plan, added to it, will be the daily cups of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, to help tone my uterus to prepare for labor. Not to be confused with Red Raspberry Tea. It's the Leaf that the tea needs to be made out of. And no, it won't in any way, start labor, it simply helps your contractions when you do go into labor to be more effective. That and hopefully today, I'll pick up my Prenatal Yoga DVD from Angel, and I'll start my Prenatal Belly Dancing DVD later on.

So we're getting there. We are a third of the way done, and have pretty much everything taken care of, the MW is paid, we meet with our Doula again at the end of the 2nd trimester and we will most likely take Birthing Classes again around there too. So, all that's left for me to do is.....grow the baby!

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