Thursday, February 11, 2010

Heading towards the Second Trimester.....

We are 11 weeks 2 days, and it has been a ride. I did the acupuncture therapy and that helped a lot for a little while, then it stopped working as well. So, we went ahead and got on Zofran. It's so much better. I still get nauseous and sometimes have a puke episode, but all and all, I think we are through the rough of it. YAY!!!

We had our first prenatal with Christy. It was great, Phillip and her got to meet, and we went over what labs we wanted and didn't want. I think we ended up only getting the CBC to check for iron levels, the others I was pretty confident we didn't need or were unnecessary. We did, get to hear the baby's heart beat!! That was of course the best part! It's in the 160s, very fast, Liam was about the same through out pregnancy too. We also found out the our placenta is high up, so we don't need to worry about placenta Previa (placenta covering the cervix), which is a concern for pregnancies after a cesarean. It would make us have to schedule an elective CS, and home birth would then be out of the question. So that's great news! Also, Christy has a tub we can use, so we don't have to buy one, whooohooo! saves us $145. We only have to buy a liner which is like $30 or so, not too bad.

I did have a consult with my OB about VBAC, and she is wonderful!! I did some research for Austin rates on VBAC and CS, and they are pretty crappy. Well, they suck all together. Austin has a VBAC rate of 1%, that means that only 1% of moms who have a CS, end up birthing vaginally for their next baby. Yeah, it should be around 70% if not more. The CS rate, depends on the hospital, St. David's South is 50% and most of the other ones linger around 30-40%. It should be between 10-15%. Yeah, Austin is not the best city when it comes to childbirth. Anywho, we talked for while, and she is a FULL supporter of VBAC, and she knows Christy, and thinks very highly of her. She told me one visit, "I think you should choose where you feel you will have the most success and birth there". Very encouraging, and no, of course my choice was not the hospital. I have a 1% chance of giving birth in a hospital or I could choose a 90% chance of birthing at home. Not a tough choice for me.

So we are on our way! I'm going to start Red Raspberry Leaf Tea in a couple weeks to get my birthing muscles ready, and upping my protein to prevent pre-eclampsia. Our next appointment is at about 4 weeks from today and by then, hopefully I'll be showing, I have some cute maternity clothes I can't wait to get into! LOL!

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