Friday, January 22, 2010

Morning sickness

So it hit again!! Not near as bad as last time, Thank you God! Last pregnancy it was horrible, I was on IV fluids at one point and Zofran till about 6 months, that's anti-nausea meds they use for chemo patients. This time, I feel I am at a better place in my life all around. Phillip and I are closer, and are less, "oh my God what did I get into....", and we don't have all the shock of cutting our income in half by me quiting my job, we're used to being broke! LOL!

Seriously though, it was kinda rough this past week, Phillip took off to look after Liam during the day so I could nap and throw up when needed, and he did almost all the cooking, cleaning, and waking up with Liam. He has been wonderful.

Me, I've been feeling crappy. And diet wise, it's been really hard. Random things sound good, and everything else, even the mention of them makes me gag. So, for a few days I ate nothing but chicken tetrazinni, then it was jack in the box breakfast sandwiches, then it was beagles with cream cheese and strawberries, now, it's gotten better.

My Midwife, Christy, who I'm sure your going to get to know if you are keeping up with this, said she had really bad morning sickness with her 1st and with her second, she went to an acupuncturist and that made all the difference. Let me just say, IT DOES!!! I had a 40 min or so session with a woman here in Austin who specializes in fertility, prenatal, labor, and postpartum. She is wonderful, and I thank her so much for what she did.

Really, the Thanks are to God, who designed my body to correct it's self, and all it took were some trained hands to put these tiny tiny pins on those spots that trigger that response. He's so thoughtful when he made our bodies! It didn't hurt at all, as they are tiny tiny tiny needles, and total, I think there were 14 or so around my body. Very relaxing. AND on top of that, I went home, took Liam grocery shopping, came home, ate tacos for dinner with the family, and it's still working! She said it can wear of in 3-5 days, but that's ok, this is a nice break.

I'll go back Wednesday, they have short appointments, and childcare too! I'm still kinda gagalisheous, but that's to be expected. I think I should be out of the crappy 1st trimester symptoms by around week 12 or so, so it's only a couple weeks till then.

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