Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Here we go.....

Ok, so yes, we want another baby, but I wasn't thinking it would happen this quick. Yes, we are pregnant. Yesterday I took a test because I was 13 days late, I knew I saw a very very very faint line. Phillip thought I was crazy. Whatever, so I took one this morning and YES there is as line, it's still faint, but much darker. So yes we are prego.

How this happened you ask? I thought you were going to wait a couple months after the IUD was out. Yes, we were, we were planning on waiting till February to start "trying" also so I could be taking prenatal vitamins for a couple months prior to conception. Well, this is how it happened. My Dr. didn't tell me that if you have sex a day or two before your IUD is taken out, that can get you pregnant. Since sperm is alive up to 5 days in a woman's body, and if the IUD is taken out around those days, and if you happen to be ovulating those days, and if the sperm survive the copper that was in the uterus, and if you happen to be fertile on the days the IUD removal, you CAN get pregnant. Yeah, that's a lot of qualifiers. Well, after looking up my cycle on an "ovulation chart", I put in 35 day long cycle (which mine are) and last day of menstrual cycle. This puts me ovulating on Dec 8th, the very day we had my IUD taken out. Yeah, after that included with the whole thing, I have to say, this is a God thing. There are too many, "ifs" to make this happen.

So that would put us around 3-4 weeks pregnant, due in Septemberish, and according to the Chinese calendar, we will have a girl. We will see. The good thing is, since we are having a homebirth, and we plan on using a lot of hydrotherapy, we are not going to have to worry about laboring in a tub in the winter, in cold water. So thank God for that!

Phillip still doesn't know. I think for dinner tonight, I'm going to make baby back ribs, baby veggies, baby spinach salad with baby bell cheese, and see if he gets the hint and figures it out. Also if ANYONE needs a great April fools gift for their significant other, I will be more than happy to pee on a stick for you!

Wish us Luck!


  1. Once again...CONGRATULATIONS! I am so excited for you guys and am glad you will have 2 kids before we do so I can come to you for advice! ;) Great news!

  2. OH MY GOSH! CONGRATS!!!! BIG CONGRATS!! Now go tell Phillip before he finds out the blogger community knows about his baby before he did!