Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Reasons I thought I was pregnant

Ok, so we are about 5 weeks pregnant now, and I think it took 3 positive pregnancy tests for me to really believe it. I'm a so excited to do it all over again. Morning sickness hasn't hit yet, I think that is why I can honestly say that right now. I hope and pray that it doesn't hit, but if it does, we know a lot more going into it this time than last.

So anyway, looking back, I can say that I knew I was pregnant before I got the positive test, here are some of the reasons

My period was over a week late
My boobs, got firmer, not bag of sand like firm, but more like very full water balloony
My uterus felt different
Bloated, but not in a PMS way, more of a "heaviness" around my pubic bone
EMOTIONAL you can ask Phillip for proof. I'd get teary eyed listening to the radio
Ditzy, absent minded, forgetful, whatever you want to call it, I was a true Dory
Pickles and Ice cream actually made sense and sounded good first thing in the morning
I felt a kind of "twinge" in my womb
I had the "implantaion" cramping a couple weeks ago, thinking it was PMS
Sex drive SKY ROCKETED! If you have not been pregnant, there is no way you can begin to fathom a pregnancy orgasm....mmmmmm......
I became very lovey duby on Liam. I wanted to sleep with him, cuddle him, etc.
Finally....I got a positive test. I saw the line, Phillip and Marlene didn't, but the next morning I took another, and it was much darker. I called my neighbor to come over and "check" it for me, she said to wait a week and retest. Yeah right, I did another the next morning and was fully sold on the fact the I was, indeed pregnant.

I took a while to thank God for this baby, and ask him to have his hand on his/her life. And told him that I knew it was him who gave us this, because only he could line something like that up. After that, I had a firm talk with my body, saying "ok, we're pregnant. You have done this before, you are going to do it again. You know the hormones are normal, and you are going to do this without throwing up for 6 months." I like to think it listened. I can only believe it did.

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