Monday, November 2, 2009

Liam Signs

I have been wanting to encourage all new moms to do this for a long time. It so easy to do, has countless benefits.

Liam is 15 months old and has been signing since he was 6 months. These include, Milk, Eat/Food, More, Cheese, Potty, All Done, Water, and a couple others. He does talk, yes as many have worried. It has came in really handy, and I feel we have had less crying fits out of frustration because he has been able to tell me what he wants.

This is how we did it. Since birth, every time he was given a bottle of milk we would sign milk. Every time he sat down to eat solid food, we signed eat. These were the first two got figured out. "Change" was soon to follow when he was dirty/wet. Once he had those down, every time we introduced a new food, we would show the sign while saying it. When he went potty, we signed and said it. It's all about them figuring out that they are able to communicate with more than just cries.

It's that easy. Babies can't talk early on because of something to do with how to make the words with their mouths. But, signs are easy, especially the ones you commonly use.

Good Luck!

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