Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A vent from yesterday.

Yesterday, the only option I really had was to put the straps back on the high chair. Not only does Liam HATE them, but he wiggles out of them and screams when he is stuck. Just a recap, I took the straps OFF the highchair because when he has to go pee, he has to go RIGHT THEN, and I can easily swoop him out of the chair onto the potty. and there is no mess. OK, so the straps are back on, and Liam has to potty, I rush to get him out, but he ends up peeing all over the highchair. So now the straps are in the wash along with the chair cushion. Now, if Liam didn't spend 90% of the day (he's a grazer) in his high chair, then it would be a different story. But, that's not the case. I do refuse to put him in a diaper while eating, because that just defeats the purpose of potty training, and getting rid of the hassle of changing diapers. So, I have me the ending decision. NO STRAPS! Of course, I won't leave the room when he is eating in order to not replay what happened yesterday. Whoo...glad I got that off my chest. Better venting here than in Phillip's ear.

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